​Imagine a world in which everyone who is lesbian, gay or bi-sexual turns Pink, and it doesn’t go away.  That is the story  of "PINK"

In the first act, you become acquainted with the characters, all of whom live in The Manchester Arms Condominiums.  You get to know them, their history and their relationships to one another.

 In the second act, people all over the world are turning PINK. The government and the world’s health organizations are working frantically to establish a cause. It is later determined only those who are lesbian, gay or bi-sexual turned Pink. With that announcement from the government, the world seems to be in chaos. The son of the President of an Islamic country is seeking asylum in the U. S. Embassy with the aid of his father. Conservative Congresspersons, who turned PINK and have voted against every gay rights bill to come before them, are frantically scrambling for explanations. A leading NFL quarterback has turned Pink. An African American Minister, with a congregation of over 16,000 has turned Pink. An entirely new ethnic group, encompassing all previous ethnic groups, has come into being. There are Latino Pinks, Caucasian Pinks, Black Pinks, Chinese Pinks….. Pinks in every country of the world. Some countries have authorized the murder of Pinks. Even the United States is once again considering segregation. All of this information is broadcast over WNN (World News Network) during the set changes just as if the characters were watching it, glued to the television sets.

Meanwhile, our friends living in Manchester Arms are wrestling with their own problems as the second act unfolds.  Two married women have turned Pink.  The newborn baby boy of an African American couple has turned Pink.  One of a gay couple turned Pink…the other didn’t.  The teenage sons of two single women turned Pink.  The struggles of the world are mirrored in the struggles of our characters. 

​​​​Pinkaplay Dvd of Lgbt Play By J. Allen Wilkes


One Spark Jax 2015